Since 1948 books by DeVern Fromke have been available from Sure Foundation Publishers. Now a special book trust has been established which will allow PARTNERS IN PRAYER, PURPOSE AND PRIVILEGE to buy in carton lots at unusually low prices.

We are thankful that most of Fromke's books continue to be sold through regular channels. Book dealers and individuals should search various websites (such as Christian Publishers Outlet, http://www.cpobooks.com).

How do I become a PARTNER?

It is understood that this PARTNERS PRIVILEGE offer is open to those who agree to PRAY and GIVE (meaning that you will give rather than sell the books you buy here). Simply sign the agreement when you place your first order. Then we will alert you to future PARTNER's offers. Please realize this special pricing will not allow us to accept phone orders or any other billing service.

Please plan ahead for special conferences!

How do I purchase these books?

PARTNERS may order on-line and pay with their credit cards, or may even save a bit by printing out the order form and mailing it with an enclosed check or money order.

To those who may not be acquainted with these books, we offer an introductory DISCOVERY PACK for both adult books and youth books at special prices